Haunting, intelligent singer-songwriter.

The Man Behind the Lyrics

“Dealing with Middle Eastern civil wars to Mental Health, nothing is off topic for this singer/songwriter”.

My latest record Bullets, Bombs, Diamonds & Ashes is what I have always felt and done most naturally when it comes to song writing.

Bullets, Bombs, Diamonds & Ashes immediately strikes the listener as an emotionally, dark yet honest and purging album. Davey’s influences of the likes of Roger Waters, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen to name a few can certainly be heard.

The albums first track ‘Life’s Rich Pageant’ is introduced by an audio clip of Davey’s own son.

“The track is classic Davey with a blend of original classic rock with some rather impressive pieces of lead guitar work and the added twist of bleeding into an outro which is another complete untitled track in itself to conclude the whole life message that you are born, taught how to talk, then told to shut up and listen. The skills schools teach you on how to cope with the system, the great outdoors. But the skills are useless in the real big bad world and it’s that very system that is trying to screw you over.

‘Pandemonium’ contains the type of lyrics you would expect from Lee’s anger about the sheer wastefulness of war and the simple robotic unquestioning of people that have been broken down and rebuilt by their Governments to not dare ask but to simply kill.

The ‘Eye of Hell’ has a big nod to Tom Waits. “Waits is one of the very few artists that I could simply listen to album after album on a long car journey or sitting with some cans on without ever becoming bored”. Davey goes on “Everyone, even superstars release some work that isn’t on top of their game, but I have never felt that with Tom Waits. Even when he tells simple stories, just him and the mic, you can’t stop listening”.

If ever a more Orwellian vibe was requested of the dystopian society that we currently live in, the track ‘Media Machine’ deals with this head on. “We are spoon fed bullshit & lies every single day by the politicians, lawyers, bankers, Powers that Be” says Davey “You don’t need weapons is this day and age. If you owned the media, you can simply be a God. Propaganda is the most powerful asset on earth”

‘Demons & Angels’ and ‘Fear the Fear’ once again deals with the constant lying of the system with the simple Modius Operand to spread fear. “Think about it” Davey exclaims “We are 7 billion, less than 1% of that figure actually have any influence on the worlds strings. If we all pulled together and stood to be counted, we are comparable to all the oceans against a corrupt tablespoon of poisonous water”

Davey concludes “Fear is the most powerful weapon the world has ever known. Without fear, the meek just may suddenly stop and question ‘THE MAN’ and that is exactly what Big Brother is afraid of. 

It is the likes of us that hold the power, but we have all been made too bloody scared of one another to ever unite.

The billionaires from the oil industry don’t get their hands dirty. They send the like of the common man/woman to fight and kill over their precious black blood oil. Who cares who’s widowed or orphaned? as long as the price per barrel is kept strong.”

Summer 94, 6 months, dozens of snapped strings, bleeding fingertips and a stack of theory books later, I could play basic tunes and I had paid of the debt to my friend’s dad who owned that very acoustic my friend had that day. And yes, I still have it and will never let it go!

I had literally become a hermit doing nothing but school and guitar playing. I was now in my first band. My best friend sang and play rhythm and even 2 other mates took up the bass and the drums.

Come the Winter of 94, we were playing gig’s locally covering Beatles & Stones tracks and performing my best friends’ songs (he was the singer and the leader).

I was elated and depressed at the same time. I was getting better by the day at guitar and had done my first gig within less than half a year of learning an open G chord, but I was playing my friends music and worst still, his lyrics. He was by far a better singer than I, in fact I hadn’t even dared to dream to sing, but although we both worshipped Jimi Hendrix, he wanted to write Hendrix dreamy type lyrics. I did not. First ever band argument.

Spin forward a couple of decades, the melancholy feeling of promising to stay in touch with each band when you split knowing full well you never would, tours that amounted to massive debt, the egos, the false promises, being conned into paying sharks who could get A & R guys down to your gigs, broken dreams, reality checks, personal battles with demons, my sister being murdered, my wife leaving me and our 2 young children because she gotten into Heroin.

I had obtained a century worth of life experience within a quarter of the time.

I have tried my very hardest to write throwaway lyrics or an upbeat pop tune but alas you can’t change nature and nurture. Why lie to yourself?

He has a wonderfully sonorous voice and uses tons of deep and meaningful metaphors to speak on things that matter. With a rock style that is both Johnny Cash and Roger Waters this man has tons of potential. His music should be played widely! His lyrics have captured the attention of many around the world and his powerful baritone delivery make his work the perfect backdrop when simple repetitive programmed throwaway tunes of today’s bubblegum music just won’t cut it.

“I am disgusted by the buying of power, the greed, the injustices, the lack of human-rights in this world. This is why I write the type of songs that I do. I am an activist and believe everybody is equal but as the great Orwell wrote – ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’. This is sadly truer today than ever” – Lee Davey

As one reviewer put it from the London, England, Lee Davey “has found his calling as a cutting troubadour who tosses into the mix all the styles of his past, from wailing guitar solos, heavy riffs to soulful blues string bends with acoustic strumming, crooning in an almost sneering attack upon the subject matter”. In short, if you are a fan of legendary singer songwriters such as Roger Waters, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and others like them, Lee Davey is a must have for your collection.