The Man Behind the Lyrics

“Dealing with Middle Eastern civil wars to Mental Health, nothing is off topic for this singer/songwriter”.
A skilled force in the world of Experimental and Alternative, Lee Davey is a singer-songwriter who continues to enthral listeners with his multi-genre prowess. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Roger Waters and Leonard Cohen, Lee Davey stuns listeners with dark, raw, and authentic themes, seamlessly imbued within his song writing. Shedding light on the burning topics of corruption, the abuse of Power, mental illness stigma, and Middle Eastern civilians that are victims due to the West’s avarice for oil, among others, the artist continues to grow.
British-born singer-songwriter Lee Davey is an accomplished guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, and song writer. Showcasing a unique musical brilliance, which spans multiple genres, Lee Davey brings with himself a breath of fresh air to the musical world. By crafting music, which reviewers have often called Dystopian Alt Rock or Murder Folk, the dynamic artist stunningly paints vivid narratives and pictures, through his own unique musical talents.
Using his memorable and brilliant lyrical prowess, Lee Davey highlights several key issues that plague modern society, spanning continents. With his musical compositions, the artist aims to shed light on pertinent issues, including “corruptible governments, sweatshops, forgotten Middle Eastern civilians, money making wars”, to make sure listeners are aware of the brutal realities around them, away from the small world of smartphones.
Releasing original alums whilst being a single full-time father, fulltime worker and battling crippling depression, Lee Davey is a true inspiration of the times. Whilst suffering depression in 2015, Lee was landed with a divorce that made the national press, as his wife left him and their children for a life of recklessness, addiction, and drugs, eventually lading herself a prison term of 3 years. Using his song writing as a means of catharsis and closure, Lee Davey spins magic with spell binding and dark lyrical content, echoing the trials and tribulations that life experiences offer.
While juggling through a full-time job, being a single full-time parent of 2 children, and finding time to compose, play, and write music independently, Lee Davey continually stuns listeners with his musical genius. His stunning discography boasts albums, such as “BULLETS, BOMBS, ASHES AND DIAMONDS”, which he unveiled in 2019, and the albums ‘AUTOMATION REMASTERED’, and ‘ABANDON HOPE’, which he dropped in 2021. The artist’s dynamic roster of singles also includes the tracks “ENEMY OF THE STATE” and “BLUE FUNK”, which he unveiled in 2021. Currently, the artist is looking forward to the release of two original singles- “METHOD IN OUR MADNESS” on 17th September 2021, and “GOD DOES NOT WANT OUR BUSINESS ANYMORE” on 22nd October 2021.
Having gigged in various outfits since 1996, usually taking place as purely the lead guitarist, Lee Davey decided to branch out in 2018, to write his own material and release solo albums whilst playing all instruments independently. With an aim to make unique music which compels listeners to ponder over the burning realities, the artist looks forward to writing more music and gaining more exposure. With each release, Lee Davey hopes to connect and find his niche audience, attuned to his dark content, while also working towards obtaining revenue from streams and album sales.

He has a wonderfully sonorous voice and uses tons of deep and meaningful metaphors to speak on things that matter. With a rock style that is both Johnny Cash and Roger Waters this man has tons of potential. His music should be played widely! His lyrics have captured the attention of many around the world and his powerful baritone delivery make his work the perfect backdrop when simple repetitive programmed throwaway tunes of today’s bubblegum music just won’t cut it.

“I am disgusted by the buying of power, the greed, the injustices, the lack of human-rights in this world. This is why I write the type of songs that I do. I am an activist and believe everybody is equal but as the great Orwell wrote – ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’. This is sadly truer today than ever” – Lee Davey

As one reviewer put it from the London, England, Lee Davey “has found his calling as a cutting troubadour who tosses into the mix all the styles of his past, from wailing guitar solos, heavy riffs to soulful blues string bends with acoustic strumming, crooning in an almost sneering attack upon the subject matter”. In short, if you are a fan of legendary singer songwriters such as Roger Waters, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and others like them, Lee Davey is a must have for your collection.