An album that covers the taboo subjects through dystopian eyes. Mental illness, the ramifications of War, the dogma of Religion and the destruction of drug abuse – “This is really a great album and performance. I think singer’s vocal tone is very impressive and attractive. The singer clearly feels the lyrics while singing. Music and Lyrics are meaningful and catchy” – Magic Frog Company ©

An intergalactic instrumental concept album of A.I. trying to create a soul for itself. Dark themes and sinister melodies. Remastered and produced by Andy Jackson, who produced Pink Floyd’s Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell–“Emotional and deep, nice dark setting and soulful. The instrumental lines are sharp, yet developed smoothly” –LOF ©

A bleak dystopian album which addresses the wastefulness of war and the corruption & genocide of innocent Middle Eastern Civilians because of the West’s avarice for oil and the killing in the name of God or Propaganda–“Narrative that is very dark indeed, so shadowy in fact it can be hard to swallow. But then I feel that was the plan!” – mp3HUGGER (C)


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