You can see everyday in a starving child’s eyes You can see it in Parliament in the politicians lies You can see it in the violence of a drunken weekend night And you can see it in the streets in the past stains of a fight You can see it in a gambler when his […]


The rigging of elections The buying of power The innocent civilians Taking refuge and cower Bombing of cities, children, schools Collateral damage Cook the books, keep them smooth Deformities of birth Biological spores Chernobyl Selling tickets for tourists We’ve got religion We’ve got New World Order Tradition of suspicion Genocide and slaughter The fight carries […]


Are we simply products of their time? Corruption, politics, organised crime It comes as no surprise the game is rigged The poor get poorer and the rich stay rich Irony of technology makes us talk even less War is peace, freedom slavery, ignorance is strength Demons and angels, just different sides Of the same cold […]


Bullets, tanks, strategies, plans These are the glories of war Boy’s toys, panic noise What are we fighting for? Bombs, limbs, mines, lessons Follow your orders, don’t you dare ask questions LEFT RIGHT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT The name of peace, the good, the bad, the dead It’s pandemonium Grenades, boots, pillage, loot These are […]


Did it creep up slowly? Like cancer upon our nation Or has it always been Dripping acid through our stations? When did we become so callous, cruel, uncaring? There are no hero’s left Only gladiatorial spectating Just like cattle, people standing, staring, filming The violence on the little screen Uploading doesn’t make it real Who […]


Turn blind eye to genocide, there’s no oil in the ground You can fill the skies with you hate & lies and the power of your machines But if push comes to shove, would you throw this world into war? The ramblings of an old man’s foolish pride and nothing more Jesus Christ, a button […]


They took away all my toys Stopped a boy being a boy All the bats in belfry had flown away They think their helping me With diagrams of ‘BUN’ theory But apparently, I’m off fishing again Quick! I can feel her lying in wait And it’s time to self-medicate A few milligrams should help put […]

The Eye of Hell  

Everyone knows the game is rigged Snake oil and a powered wig Mistletoe’s deadly as the Devil’s fresh fig And the Eye of Hell never sleeps High streets are catacombs’ Online transactions have killed their soul Egg timers of ash inside a dust bowl And the Eye of Hell never sleeps Placed onto this world […]


Young man you’ve come of age Go out and earn an honest wage Forget all the lies they taught you They aren’t no good for nothing in the real world They won’t answer your questions They won’t make any sense It’s all about the dollars, the cents, the pounds, the pence Beware of the corporate […]


Cold air, bright light, scream as you fight for life Lungs fill, first breath, Genesis once more the test Maybe the spoon will be silver, for the majority it’s probably not Maybe an accident of birth, survival of what you’ve got And it’s part of life’s rich pageant Some lies are good when you are […]