Sandy Hare Telling it like it is, thought provoking, true and sad. He expresses himself so well and is so real that his words make you feel that they are directed at you, your family and children. Thank you for sharing ❤️

Sandi Botha I favoured the first, then read the second and the third and so on. I cannot fault any for the truth is in all. Well done keep writing and maybe the world’s hearts and ears will listen

χριστιναλαζαρου Lots of your soul is in those lyrics. Inspired.

Millie Olson Very deep and thought provoking. The verses open one’s mind up to depressing world occurrences yesterday and today to be left to wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow…or will there be one! Glad somebody is open about it all👍🏻!

Ruth Botis You speak the truth in such a good but sad way, I cannot see the light anymore. really sad. Your writing must be shared, it gets one to think more of the world in which they live.

Jenny Lambropoulos he’s nailed it! all the greed and violence

Caillin Canning Grimly Grim & Realistically Real Lee!! Bullets bombs ashes & diamonds, bit Nick Cave/Leonard Cohen for the Armageddon eh?? Lyrically quite very heavy & deep Pal- suits the guitar style perfectly- keep on Rocking Man ✌️😎✊🤘

Tilana Botha The cold hard truth for a cold hard world!!!The spiritual talk will piss off a few people, but after all, we do all ask questions at times, people just don’t ask it out load! We have been desensitised to point where rape, murder, abuse, etc has become the norm. We hear this every day and it no longer comes as a surprise. Videos of people burning people, make its rounds over social media like it’s a fucking meme! Blood, guts and what was supposed to be censored contents are  available for anyone to share. And people simply no longer care!

Cheryl Frank You look so close at “stuff” we try to avoid, the truth. And the inhumanity of humanity. Double edged sword, being in a world we hate yet fear leaving, for what else is there? How few of us are brave enough, to look at our grim future, we prefer the past, the knowing will last, warts and all it’s done. We look back at our lives ,mistakes in judgement and decision , imagining a different outcome, but get stuck in the reality of the truth which can’t be changed. I lay in bed each night with different scenarios before me, trying to change what can’t be changed, it’s done. Gone. And from the evil of the past there are glints if gold, perfect children now adults, born from cruel unions, and would we dismiss these unions thus losing each child? No, the suffering is worth it if only its memory would fade. Your words are truth, we are subhuman, in our treatment of humanity. pretending and being what we are truly not. Thank you for the honesty of your lyrics, the pain is like a neon sign that no one wants to see, for it lights the truth of who we are not who we wish to be. That’s honesty. Stay true to your mind and heart, the rest in just pigeon fodder. Bless you.

Ellen Rampersaud Wow, Amazing lyrics and so true

Graziella Pienaar Very deep, profounding, positive truths. Thank you for these poems -will share. 🙏

Morgana VientoLameculos Wow! My kind of poetry – using art to wake up the sheep. Brilliant write.

Keith Holt Powerful!

Mgoma Constance So much depth.

Theresa Bullock Incredible lyrics!

Marion Frisby Thought provoking on so many issues.

Mairi Harper ‘The Eye of Hell ‘is incredible!

Nonie Rosales You are quite a talent. You know a great writer when you FEEL the words bring out your emotions.

Debbie Kristina Fox I enjoyed these very profound deep lyrics thankyou you have a gift

Sally Mitchell You are intense, but your words are so vivid in our current life and life before innocence was taken bravo your genius would love to copy these, they speak volumes

Marissa Miranda There’s a low %age of persons that has the capability to see the reality by using both heart and eyes.

Barbara Couch Heart break, maybe I’m wrong but life, truly experienced, does that. I feel for you. Keep writing let it out, sing and record or sell the lyrics. Go for it.

Trish McCartney Your words are true and sad. I can’t say, how did we come to this, because I know how. Fast pace, greed overload, loss of compassion, hate is alive and mindfulness struggles. I am 72 years old and I am happy, despite it all. 😊 Your lyrics are true without being harsh. Very good.

Jenny Bates You are an accomplished and talented poet young man. You have incorporated every ill in society, and in so doing, have revealed a bit of yourself which we all feel. Somewhere there is light, hope, beauty and tenacity which screams “we are here!” find it and let us have some of that too!

Robert Curtis Very angry at war/greed /religion. going by the lyrics a latter-day Dylan with an angry twist cheers Rob c

Cecile Joyce Powerful, thought provoking, and all so true

Angie Groves Well said – thank you L DAVEY – keep it coming – fill the gap Dylan has left please. ❤

Breda Larkin It’s dark Haunting and intelligent and very true

Debbie Kristina Fox I enjoyed these very profound deep lyrics thankyou you have a gift