Haunting, Dystopian Alt-Rock, Murder-Folk, Lyricist & Singer-Songwriter.

The Outside In

The Outside In

Stepping backwards
I have seen the bigger picture Perceptions distorted
A trick of smoke and mirrors

I miss Christine
I miss my sister
I miss my friend
You had no right to take her

And the medication their feeding me Appears to be wearing thin
Now I been shown the outside in

There say there’s a fine line Between the genius and the insane We celebrate Picasso
Yet stigmatise Van Gogh’s pain

In order to achieve Heaven
You’ll need to pass through the gate Did you offer the other cheek?
Did you learn from your mistakes?

And the beauty they advertise
Runs no deeper than your skin
Once you’ve been shown the outside in

Some birds you cannot cage
Even if you clip their wings
And eventually Christ will cry
When he looks down upon man’s sin
Maybe it’s time for everybody to look from the outside in.

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